O'Connell Drive Elementary

Parent-Teacher Interviews


Parent-Teacher interviews will take place on Thursday, April 7th, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm and again from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.


We are offering options for both in-person and phone interviews this term.


If you wish to schedule an in-person interview*, please click on this link:


*Note: masks are required for all in-person meetings by staff and visitors, as parent-teacher interviews are considered an extension to the school day.


If you wish to schedule a phone interview, please click on this link:



If your desired type of meeting is fully booked, we ask that you check if there are available slots for the other type (for example: if all in-person meetings are booked, check to see if there are phone times available.)


If all spots are booked for both types of meetings, please reach out directly to your child's teacher to schedule another meeeting at a mutually convenient time.


Please also note the following:

  • For families with children in 6 Bent, you should have received an email from Ms. Bent with specific details about parent-teacher this term.

  • For those wishing to have a meeting for French, note that Ms. Caines will not be available as she'll be conducting parent-teacher meetings with the grade 3/4 class. Plesae reach out to Ms. Caines with any questions about French.

  • For Ms. MacLennan (ELS and Reading Recovery), she will join the classroom teachers for any interviews involving students she works with.


We look forward to meeting with families to discuss your child's progress!